John Wall has a baby due in a couple of months.  This according to his Wizards teammate Austin Rivers, who let the news slip on a his new podcast with the Uninterrupted.

Via NBC Sports:

In his new podcast with Uninterrupted, Rivers had some breaking news about teammate John Wall: Wall’s going to be a father soon.

“It’s crazy, we’re all having babies,” Rivers said. “Brad just had a baby. I have a baby. John has a baby due in a couple months. Jeff Green just had a baby, so my girl’s actually excited that she has people she can relate to.”  

There must be something in the water in Washington.  The Wizards guards are having kids left and right.

That brings up one question since Wall isn’t public with a girlfriend, who is the baby momma?  If you have any info on who is expecting Wall’s baby, hit up our tip line.

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