Some historians claim that บาคาร่า168 first occurred in France. The 19th century also claimed that the style of play Baccarat invented by France is the most accepted and popular game today. It started with a military officer who returned to France with a game he bought after the war with neighboring Italy. After that, the game that was purchased gained attention and was very popular among the French aristocracy. The game is known by the name “Chemin De Fer “(Chemmy), meaning railway. The name is believed to have been given in the 1830s by a nobleman who was privileged to travel by train. Personally, and have played baccarat on that train as well throughout the journey

It’s no surprise that this illegal thing is so popular. During the 1837th century, during the reign of King Louis Philippe, a casino was opened and playing baccarat occurred, making baccarat very famous. Not only in France also included in various countries in Europe

The growth of baccarat

Recently, baccarat has made its way into the British Isles. In 1957, film director Ian Fleming made baccarat known in the James Bond 007 movie. There is a scene of playing baccarat and using flair. Chemin de fer baccarat takes place in a battle between a secret agent named Bond and a Soviet spy.

Baccarat’s popularity is not only famous in the movie industry. Which later, the United States has launched the first baccarat game in the Grand Sands casino located in the state of Vegas. and has become a popular game until now

After playing baccarat is famous in America then. After this play has been published to the shore. South America later and called Panto Banco, meaning Player and Banker in English, Pantpo Banco is very popular in the capital cities of Cuba and Havana.

Baccarat games have become more widely known later. In which baccarat in each area has different methods of playing. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of baccarat is played!

How to play baccarat

Punto Banco baccarat originated in South America. This style of play has spread to a wide range. United States of America United Kingdom Austria And also as far as Macau, a place that is the center of casinos playing baccarat in the world, 90% of the main income of casinos in Macau comes from baccarat games (about 30 thousand million dollars) In the 1970s, playing baccarat became the most popular game. compared to other gambling games In America, there are less than 20 tables for playing baccarat because it is a game for the rich that is played in private places only.

Unlike Chemin de fer Baccarat that is played among many other players, Punto Banco is a game where players bet on the Banker and play by the Banker’s rules only. It is a style of playing similar to Blackjack game Punto Banco as it is called by most players in South America. In other countries it is still called baccarat.