Baker Mayfield and His All Pink Suit Snap a Picture with Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby

Every year the Kentucky Derby is attended by some of the biggest names in the NFL.  This year is no different.  The usual suspects, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, are in attendance and so are some new faces like Sean McVay and Baker Mayfield.

The Browns quarterback has been spotted more than once next to Brady at the multiple events that are apart of the Kentucky Derby experience.

Via TMZ Sports:

Check this out … a bunch of NFL stars are hanging together in Kentucky right now — gearing up for the Kentucky Derby.  ‘s front and center — with an incognito   blending in behind him.  Baker Mayfield Tom Brady Indianapolis Colts QB   — Tom’s former backup — is in the bottom left … standing next to  .  Jacoby Brissett Julian Edelman Also in the mix … ex-Patriots’   and  . Lonie Paxton Dan Koppen TB12 is a   — so is his coach,  . Unclear if Bill has made it to Churchill Downs yet.  regular at the Derby Bill Belichick

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