Remember last month when we introduced you to Baker Mayfield’s girlfriend Emily Wilkinson, well, she’s still sticking around, and Baker is really digging her. He’s handing off the compliments to her on his IG. 

The former Oklahoma Sooners QB, and soon to be NFL draftee, is all about playing video games, but when it comes to his GF, there’s no games being played. If that makes any sense. Take a look below to see what I’m talking about. 

Get you the kinda girl that supports you in life through and through. The kind that has your back, literally… Even when it’s catching W’s in Fortnite. But for real, this girl is amazing!! Thank you for being you, Em. Can’t wait for all our adventures coming up #MMO

Baker and Emily appear to be as strong as ever, I guess she doesn’t mind dating ‘that 6 foot jerk‘ Check out more pics of Emily’s IG below, she’s definitely one to put on your back and play games with. Looks super uncomfortable by the way.