Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson have certain traits in common. They’re both undersized, mobile quarterbacks who excel at improvisation, and when looking for an NFL quarterback to whom to compare Mayfield, Wilson is often the first choice for many. 

There are general similarities between the two, but Wilson is working on a first ballot Hall of fame career, and even though the two have traits in common, Wilson is far better at all of them. Also, from an off-field and maturity standpoint, Mayfield is no Russell Wilson.

The Mayfield/Wilson comparison is an easy one, mostly because they’re relatively the same size. The two went back to back in a cheesy photo, and it looks like Baker is at most an inch taller than Russell. 

Of course the Twitter jokes started coming, making fun of Baker’s new found shortness.

Being short in the NFL can be an uphill battle. The O and D lines are so big, that if you’re too short, it’s merely impossible to see over them. That being said, the few with superior talent and mobility can overcome this obstacle. Good luck to Mayfield, but the odds of sustained success are against you.