“He was very nice,” said Mayfield. “Everything that people have said about him, he was cordial, he said ‘no worries, man.’ Because I know Saquon (Barkley) and Sterling (Shephard) and a couple of guys over there as well, so I think that’s the good thing about having people around the league that you know is it can be said, whatever’s on the outside, people can have their opinions, but when it comes down to it, I’ve worked with some people and they know how I am inside the building and who I am as a person.”

He was he wasn’t casting aspersions on Jones’ 17-19 record at Duke.

“It was along the lines of me talking about evaluating and college frustration of me not getting offers and saying that winning comes first if you’re a quarterback and I can actually understand the relation to that, and there’s no question about it, which is why I felt like reaching out to Daniel,” he said. “But that’s the type of thing that frustrates me because it was taken out of context and then on top of that, now we’re talking about something that’s not about the Browns, so to me that’s the biggest thing.”

But he didn’t deny saying that the Giants drafting him “blows my mind.”

“Yeah, and last year I said I couldn’t believe the Browns drafted me, like I said earlier,” he said.

Baker seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. 

That usually helps at the QB position. 

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