Boxer Lukasz Zaluska took an uppercut to the chin while he was out cold and heading face-first to the floor in a harrowing knockout from a fighter known as “Tyson” during a brutal Polish bareknuckle fighting tournament.

Zaluska was unconscious following a vicious early shot inside the first 30 seconds of his scrap with fearsome opponent Krystian Kuzma,  known as Tyson because of his squat, muscular physique and savage knockout power – when he copped a shuddering uppercut as he slumped to the canvas, where blood was visible.

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Medics attended to him before he was carried out on a stretcher after a defeat that sent Kuzma to the final of the single-event tournament in Warsaw, where he unsurprisingly scored another first-round win as he powered his way to gory glory.

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