NBC’s Peter King announced in Monday’s Football Morning in America column that he would no longer be appearing on any Barstool Sports programs

His decision comes after The Daily Beast published a lengthy look at the bullying culture over at Barstool.

After Portnoy, who runs the Bartstool empire found out about King’s decision, he laid into him. 

Addressing the issue on Barstool Radio, Portnoy referred to King as a “fat assh—” and a “fat f–king bastard.”

Then he went hardcore

Portnoy later apologized about his comments. 

Read below: 

How long before Portnoy is ousted from the very company he started?  When you decide to raise money from the big boys, you have to play by their rules. 

Only a matter of time before El President becomes a real liability for Barstool’s bottom line.