Bart Scott vs. Mad Dog Russo heated up yesterday. You’re gonna want to listen to this  

Russo has no problem with Carlin and Gray, he said. His beef is with Scott, a hire he said left him “insulted” and “flabbergasted”

“The thing I can’t deal with, I cannot figure out Bart Scott,” Russo said on his SiriusXM show. “I can’t figure out how executives of a major corporation, just thinking about the connection with the fan base and say to themselves, ‘You know what, I’ve got the perfect guy. We’re gonna bring a guy in here who was born in Detroit, who played his best football with the Ravens, played a year or two with Rex Ryan, urinated on the New York media when he was here, led a boycott about talking to the players, literally, and was fired from CBS.’”

Listen to the audio below:

Sounds like a guy who doesn’t want athletes talking sports. I think nothing is wrong with having a polarizing former player talk sports, it’s all about ratings.