Klay Thompson has reportedly been playing one-on-one with his on again, off again, girlfriend, Brittany Lucio. We posted about Brittany back in April, how Klay flies her to road games. Now we’re sad to report, Brittany was arrested last night in Atlanta at a Houston’s Restaurant. You can see her post below: 

I am completely disheartened and shocked about what happened at Houston’s because of the unprovoked and unjust actions of the police officer. I was bruised and battered, but I am not broken. I appreciate the support of the community as I fight to clear my name and for all women who have been assaulted at the hands of law enforcement. ✊ #HoustonsStillHasAProblem

Not sure where her and Klay currently stand at this point, but these days she’s really more well known for showing her basketball skills on IG. than being Klay’s sidepiece. Hope everything works out for her. 

Check out some of her best IG posts below: