Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer was knocked out of the Sugar Bowl in the 4th quarter after a late hit by a Georgia defender caused his head to bounce off of the turf.

Brewer was down for several minutes along the sideline and would eventually be carted off to the locker room.  He has a history of getting concussions with his latest occurring just three weeks ago.

Despite Brewer’s history and despite everyone seeing his head bounce off the turf, Baylor head coach Matt Rhule said he was being looked at for a neck injury, ESPN:

“They told me as I came in here that they were checking his neck, you know, C-spine,” Baylor coach Matt Rhule said. “They said he cleared the C-spine just now. But that’s what they were concerned about was his neck. He didn’t exhibit any head symptoms, but I’m sure they’ll continue to monitor him, though, after this and throughout the night just to make sure.”

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