Calling up a young kid in a wheelchair who participated in Cohen’s second free camp at his alma mater, the Chicago Bears running back called for quiet.

“I want to tell everyone right now something I’ve not told anyone until now,” he said, standing with one hand on the boy in the wheelchair. “My brother was shot recently. He’s in a wheelchair now, too. He’ll never walk again.”

Cohen, who graduated from A&T in 2017 before being drafted by the Bears in the fourth round, said the tragedy is something that has changed him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to tell anyone about it.

“This is my first time talking about it to anybody,” he said afterward. “I’ve been struggling with it. I’m still struggling with it. My friends don’t really know, besides a certain few. They’ll find out today.”

Having to come to terms with a life-altering event is hard on everyone.  The one advantage Cohen’s brother has is he has an older brother in NFL who can help him out.

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