People around you have been making profits on sports betting, but you can’t seem to understand how they do it? If you’re here, then you’re safe because by the end of this article, you will not only understand all the concepts of sports betting, but you will also be ready to start betting for profits while having fun watching the games unfold.

Getting started with sports betting isn’t that hard because you really don’t have to know everything. Fortunately, the sports betting experts from Betworthy put together a quick guide for beginners.

Your budget

You don’t just start betting without a set budget. You must set aside the total amount of cash you’re willing to put at risk, either per week or month and ensure you stick to your budget. It is recommended that you start with a small budget as a beginner because you’ll most likely lose severally before you could master the game.

What are you planning to bet on

These days, you can bet on absolutely anything, unlike in earlier days when people could only bet on mainstream sports events. Nowadays, as long as the sport is played professionally, either in the tournament, competition, or league, most sports betting sites will allow you to bet on it. But, it’s absurd to bet on everything; that’s why you need a good plan before you could start betting.

A good rule of the thumb is to bet on sports that you’re familiar with; at least that way, you can easily predict their outcomes. But, while still on it, please understand that; It’s ridiculous to bet on several different sports that you don’t even get how they are played. Furthermore, some sports do offer more betting opportunities to fans than others, and that some sports are only seasonal.

The best way to go about this is to bet on the sports that will best suit your needs; money, fun, and entertainment. But, if you’re not a fan of sports, then deciding on what sport to bet on could be challenging. To get your momentum, you can start with a few popular sports like football, basketball, ice hockey, and golf. Sports handicappers can help you with specific sports as well. For example, if you are betting on football then searching for NFL picks can be a great way to get insider information on the league.

The next step should be to join an online betting site

The easiest way to place a sports bet as a beginner is through an online betting site since the internet is readily available from wherever you are. Other options include; telephone, at a casino sportsbook, or a bookmaking shop. You may need to do your research well before deciding on the best online site to join, as there are several out there, both fake and trustworthy ones. Also, note that you will be using real money on this site, so ensure you don’t deal with scammers.

The best way to know this is to read all the comments in the customer review section. Some of the most reputable and trustworthy betting sites include; Betway sports, Bovada, BetOnline, and Sports Betting. The sites are easy to understand and use, and their customer support is top-notch. They also offer several betting options one can choose from, without forgetting the welcome bonus package they give to their new customers. Typically, to join an online betting site, you will have to create an account.

The process is pretty simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Just enter a few personal details such as your name, email, date of birth, etc. Then choose your username and create a password you’ll use every time you want to sign in to your account.

There are the underdogs and the favorites when it comes to sports betting

This is decided on by the bookmakers when they are releasing a betting line. Usually, an underdog team is expected to lose against the favorites. Note that this doesn’t often happen, as sometimes the underdogs do win.

Understanding the different odds in sports betting

This will help you know how to bet on the underdogs or the favorite teams. You can learn a lot about odds in sports betting, but your primary focus should be on the following three points as a beginner. The different formats express odds, using odds to calculate the payouts, and odds indicating how much a wager can win. Here are the three formats of odds:

  • Decimal odds

Decimal odds are considered the simplest form of odds, usually, a whole number followed by two or more decimal places. To get the potential payout in such an odd, you have to multiply the number by the stakes given in a game. For instance, a 10 dollars stake with 2.50 odds gives a possible payout of 25 dollars, giving you 15 dollars profit.

Having an even-numbered odd such as 2.00 or 4.00 gives you the same amount as the stake if you win and usually has a 50% chance of winning. The decimal odds below 2.00 will give less profit than your stake, and your chances of winning are above 50%, while those above 2.00 will most likely give you more than your stake amount, but your chances of winning are below the 50% mark.

  • Moneyline odds

You will see either a plus(+) or negative(-) sign before the single numbers of these particular odds. Those with a + sign mean odds against, while those with a – sign mean odds on. For example, here is how the Moneyline odds work based on a wager amount; for a 100 dollar with +300 gets you 300 dollars if you win, you also get your stake back. Then, with a negative sign, like -120, you need to stake 120 dollars to win 100 dollars, so you get 220 dollars.

  • Fractional odds

This type works the same way as the decimal odds, and mostly you’ll find the odds displayed in both formats.

Finally, you need to understand the simple wagers

These three simple wagers will get you started with sports betting as a beginner, though there are many more you could learn with time as you continue betting.

Win bet

Also known as Moneyline bet, this is the most straightforward of all the four wagers. This is where your wager wins a game. All you need to do is to select from among the two playing, the one you think will win. If it does, then your wager wins.


Here, the bookmaker puts a total on their betting site, and your duty is to bet on whether the totals will be lower or higher than the actual estimate.

Futures or outrights

These are those estimates you make before a league or tournament starts. So, for example, you could predict that a particular soccer team will emerge as the overall soccer world cup winner.


With this simple guide on sports betting, you are now ready to start placing your wagers for profits. Just remember to bet responsibly. We wish you good luck in this endeavor because you need it.