Belgian former pro cyclist-turned-reporter Sven Spoormakers set off a sexism storm on social media with his comments on a female reporter covering an event in Argentina.

In a now-deleted tweet, Spoormakers shared a picture of ESPN reporter Belen Mendiguren (Pics Above) wearing a low-cut top and interviewing a competitor at the Vuelta a San Juan, with the Belgian commenting on Mendiguren’s appearance by writing: “Is it cold in Argentina?”

The post drew a frigid response from social media users, who called out Spoormakers with accusations of sexism.

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Spoormakers finally deleted the ridiculous tweets that saw him accused of sexually objectifying a young female reporter at the Vuelta a San Juan.

Belén Mendiguren, the reporter, has also spoken out to condemn Spoormakers, rightly saying that what she wears does not enable him to make jokes or disrespect her.

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