TMZ captured photos of the couple riding by The Grove in West Hollywood as Kendall pedaled way ahead of the Sixers point guard. Simmons looking far too large to be on a bike, was having some difficulty as he seemed like it was his first ride. 

We can’t really blame him for it though since it must be incredibly difficult to not drag your feet on the ground, keeping him bunched up on the ride.

While their pairing was initially controversial as he was reported to have cheated on Tinashe with Kendall, Ben and his Kardashian girlfriend seem to be enjoying their time together during the NBA offseason, going on several dates and upping their number of public appearances together. 

I’m thinking by the time next season rolls around, these two will have already crashed and burned. 

While he had a few minutes off from Kendall, the Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons put  his skills to the test as he attempted to shoot a giant basketball into a massive hoop to win a prize for everyone in our studio audience. The Ben Simmons PR push is happening.