Kendall Jenner and NBA rookie of the year Ben Simmons, who’ve been linked since May, were spotted grabbing dinner in Malibu last night.

The 22-year-old model sauntered past Nobu’s valet stand in a one-shoulder crop top and high-waisted denim, while Simmons opted for casual fare, and wore Converse sneakers and a white t-shirt.

The couple left the seaside restaurant together in Ben’s blue interior vehicle. Just weeks ago, Kendall was spotted cuddling with Ben at sister Khloe Kardashian’s Fourth of July BBQ. 

They were accidentally caught sharing PDA on camera in Khloe’s Instagram story.  Jenner was seated behind the Simmons on a lounger while he had his arm on her left leg. 

How much longer can they sustain this relationship? Once Ben hits the road during the NBA season, the true test will begin.