Outdoors in the dead of winter in Aspen, Colorado might not be the most ideal place to take a bikini pic, but Kendall Jenner can make it work anyway.

The 23-year-old model and girlfriend of Sixers star Ben Simmons, shared a great Instagram pic Saturday evening, wearing just a bikini, boots and a big winter hat, while holding a steaming hot beverage.

‘F**k it’s cold,’ Jenner said in the caption, revealing earlier in her Instagram story that it was -2 degrees 

Jenner is wrapping up another successful year, with Forbes naming her the highest-paid model of the year for 2018 earlier in December. 

She and Ben are also as strong as ever. 

Life is good for Simmons and Jenner. 

They trusted the process and it has paid off. 

Check out more pics of Ben’s girlfriend Kendall below: 

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