Ben Simmons has shown this season that he can be a big star in the NBA. He’s already winning off the court with a stunning girlfriend, and the Sixers are in the playoffs. For those not in the know, the Sixers superstar is dating singer Tinashe

Tinashe recently sat down for a radio interview with Hot 97, and talked about her new guy. She touched on her new relationship with 76ers rookie Ben Simmons, whom she met in Los Angeles and has been dating for six months. 

“It’s super new for me. Definitely weird, not used to it. Kind of makes me nervous, but yeah it’s fun, it’s exciting,” she said, adding, “I feel like people were already talking so it’s like you can either try to hide it and be like no, no nothing’s happening. Or you can just be upfront with it. Like I was going to all his games and people would see me there.”  

Simmons might just get himself Rookie of the Year, it’s going to be tough choice between Simmons and Donovan Mitchell, and that’s not an easy decision. Simmons has had one hell of a rookie season!