What is the two phone system you ask? 

Well, the long and the short of it is, it’s  someone who carries two phones, and is usually trying to hide something from someone. 

We spotted Todd Gurley during the season rocking the two phone system: 

Why else have two phones? 

We received this tip about Ben Simmons. 

I heard that Ben has two different phones, I have photo evidence I’ll get to you, he has a blue and a black one.

We exclusively received pics of Ben rocking the two phone system. 

There it is, the blue one and the black one. 

These pics of Ben were taken on the same day, so it’s not like this is an old phone, and a new one. 

This on top of some other Ben Simmons gossip makes us wonder what’s really going on with Ben. 

Just sayin’ 

Check out some pics of Ben’s girlfriend below: 

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