Ben Simmons back in the news.

In July 2020, Megan was injured during an altercation in Hollywood Hills. She later came forward to allege that Lanez, her former friend, shot her in the foot. He denied the allegations, and during the opening statements of his trial, Lanez’s defense team contested that Kelsey Nicole Harris is the person responsible.

According to several reports that emerged today (December 12), the defense argues that Harris and Megan got into a verbal argument while inside an SUV with Lanez. He was said to have revealed he had a sexual relationship with Megan, causing a fight between the ladies. Lanez reportedly dated Harris some time prior.

Additionally, the defense team claims during this spat, Harris wasn’t surprised. She allegedly said Megan did this in the past—having sex with men she dated, including DaBaby and Ben Simmons.

After the information went viral, The Shade Room returned with a report of its own. They claim they spoke with a “source” who accused Lanez and his defense team of lying because Harris doesn’t know Simmon “at all.”

The public has weighed in heavily on the new revelations from both the prosecution and the defense during opening statements. Yet, people were tuned as they waited for Simmons’ reaction.

The NBA baller didn’t outright release a statement about allegedly having sex with the ex-best friends. However, he uploaded a clip of Rick Ross to his Instagram Story where the Florida icon yelled, “Accusations! False accusations!”

Meanwhile, the prosecution claims that not only did Lanez shoot Megan, but he punched Harris. They also state they have audio of a jail call from Lanez to Harris where he apologized.

Megan is reportedly set to testify this week. Harris will take the stand, as well, as a witness for the prosecution.

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