Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, Kevin Hart is hilariously overprotective of Ben, making sure he doesn’t slip and fall while entering and exiting the tub. 

During the show, Simmons talks about his long road to recovery after a nasty ankle injury, owning exotic pets in Philly and the dangers of growing up in Australia.

Watch below: 

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Simmons talks about how he dislikes Kevin Hart’s trash talking methods at Sixers’ home games.
  • Simmons discusses how Lebron James has been his biggest NBA mentor since high school, but preferred that James not sign with the 76ers this past summer.
  • Simmons’ says he is cool with people saying he shouldn’t be Rookie of the Year.
  • He reveals that a Range Rover was his first big money purchase, then he later bought a Bentley and a Ferrari.

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