Kendall Jenner and one of her many NBA Boyfriends, Ben Simmons, broke up recently. 

There hasn’t been too much to come out on exactly why they broke up. 

Ben’s Sister has already been very outspoken when it  comes to how she feels about Kendall. 

Now according to Ben Simmons’ sister Liv, it was because Kendall was disrespectful.  

Liv went on Twitter, and broke down the reasons that her NBA superstar brother allegedly broke up with the Kardashian sister. While she didn’t specifically name Kendall in the Tweets, she all but confirmed that she was talking about Kendall, when fans questioned her about it.

According to Liv, Kendall “disrespected” Ben’s mother. It’s not clear what Kendall did to Mrs Simmons that Liv deemed to be “disrespectful.”

Could this be the reason they broke up?

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