Looks like Philadelphia Sixers superstar Ben Simmons’ sister Liv isn’t feeling too bad for Khloe Kardashian, and her latest cheating scandal. 

Even though her brother is dating Khloe’s sister, that hasn’t stopped Liv from making comments, and liking posts.  

From our source: 

Ben Simmons sister Liv liked this tweet about Khloe. It’s a bit shady of her, especially knowing that her brother is dating Kendall.

Check out the screenshots below: 

Liv does make some valid points, in her tweet, and her liking that other tweet. 

But one would think she’d keep her opinions to herself, and most certainly not put it out there for public consumption. 

The internet police never rest. 

If Ben ends up with Kendall longterm, she and Khloe will essentially be family. 

Check out some pics of Ben’s sister below: 

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