Olympian Shaun White has been criticized by the Special Olympics and on social media, over his Halloween costume of Simple Jack, an intellectually-disabled character Stiller played – who was referred to by the r-word – in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder.  


After a social media user sarcastically suggested a boycott of the film, the 52-year-old actor took to Twitter on Tuesday to remind everyone of the controversy the film generated a decade back.  

Actually Tropic Thunder was boycotted 10 years ago when it came out, and I apologized then,’ Stiller wrote on Twitter. ‘It was always meant to make fun of actors trying to do anything to win awards.’  

The backlash included a Rally for Respect conducted by disability groups, ultimately leading to a meeting between the groups and DreamWorks executives to smooth over tensions.  

Everyone needs to chill out, It was a costume he was wearing on Halloween based off a fictional character from a satirical movie.

 If you’re offended, you need to relax. 

It was a spot on costume. Check out more of Simple Jack below: 

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