CBD flower is becoming increasingly popular among people of all walks of life. As the impressive benefits of this non-intoxicating cannabinoid become increasingly well-known, even athletes who would otherwise never use cannabis are starting to consider the potential benefits of smoking CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD for athletes, and why should athletes smoke CBD flower instead of using this cannabinoid some other way? Find the answers in this guide.

What Is CBD Flower?

“CBD flower” is the term given to smokable-grade Cannabis sativa flower containing high concentrations of CBD and less than 0.3% THC. Grown outdoors, CBD flowers can contain as much as 15% CBD, but premium indoor-grown CBD hemp flower often contains more than 20% total cannabinoids.

As long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, CBD hemp flower is generally considered to be industrial hemp, a category of products sold online that is completely separate from marijuana at the federal level. As a result, you can buy a wide variety of CBD products online — even smokable CBD flower.

What Does CBD Flower Do?

Instead of getting you high, smoking CBD hemp flower provides a gentle feeling of relaxation that may even make you feel somewhat sleepy. People with chronic pain often note instant relief, and individuals with anxiety and depression also commonly report impressive results after smoking CBD hemp flower.

CBD hemp flower usually does not have any significant side effects, and it will not considerably impact your ability to get things done throughout the day. Keep in mind, though, that indica CBD hemp flower strains are best for relaxing while sativa-leaning strains are better for active periods.

Why Is CBD Flower Good for Athletes?

We can think of three good reasons for athletes to try smoking CBD hemp flower today:

1. Enjoying Exercise More

Pain and inflammation can make it physically difficult to exercise while depression and anxiety can sap your motivation to get up and go. Smoking CBD is more potent and faster-acting than any other ingestion method, and researchers have looked closely at the potential ability of CBD to both reduce painful inflammation and fight back against mood-related disorders.

2. Recovering Better

Any athlete who doesn’t know recovery is half the battle won’t last long. Your body needs your help to recover from exercise, and smoking CBD flower might be just the help it needs. Not only will an indica strain of CBD hemp flower help you relax at night, but CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory abilities would be just as useful for recovery as they would be for the actual act of exercising.

3. Improved Performance

By helping you overcome the limitations in your way, CBD flower might be the perfect partner to keep by your side as you ascend the steps to athletic greatness. Who knows what you might be able to do if you weren’t held back by incomplete recovery periods and pain during exercise?

What Are the Best CBD Flower Products for Athletes?

As an athlete, you’ll benefit from practically every strain of CBD flower that’s out there, but certain strains are better for certain times. If you’re about to jump on your bike and ride down a mountain, a strong sativa will deliver the usual benefits of CBD while also helping you feel energized and fully immersed in the experience.

When it’s time to go home and recover after a long day of exercising, you’ll want an indica CBD hemp flower strain to aid the recovery process. If there’s ever a time in your life as an athlete when these two situational archetypes don’t apply, choose a hybrid CBD flower strain — great for any occasion.

Try CBD Flower As an Athlete Today

Athletes are starting to realize that CBD flower isn’t marijuana. While smoking weed could get you expelled from your sport for life, CBD hemp flower doesn’t get you high even if it might offer a variety of benefits to both active and recovering athletes.

As a final note, keep in mind that the up to 0.3% THC present in CBD hemp flower has the potential to accumulate over time and cause a false positive on a drug test. Otherwise, though, CBD flower only has the power to enhance the joys of an athlete’s lifestyle while reducing its unavoidable costs.