The gears you use while you are in the game, especially ones like football, can somewhat influence your performance, confidence as well as the game outcome. One important gear is football gloves. If you have the right ones, it would make important moments like catch and pass or hold or defence a tad easier. Most importantly, the gloves also are responsible for protecting your hands and fingers, especially in a game like football where serious hand injuries are common.

Therefore, it is important that you select the right pair of gloves. In this article, we discuss the three most important things you should keep in mind while you are hunting for the perfect football gloves for you.

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Top 3 tips to buy the right pair of gloves

Here are the 3 things to take care of while you are hunting the best football gloves.

Go for the best grip

Grip factor could matter a lot when it comes to games like football where a slip can mean losing the game. The more serious you are about your game and the more into the professional level you are, greater should be your preference for the ideal grip. Grip could be influenced by many factors- the material, the size and fit as well as design.

Look for the ones that are made of High-quality material that lasts seasons

The pair of gloves you choose must ideally last a few seasons at the very least even if you play on a daily basis. Moreover, it must be able to stand every weather or climatic conditions. Two of the most commonly used materials for football gloves latex and cabatta leather. Of the two, Cabatta leather is generally more recommended given that latex can sometimes be slippery- something that you would prefer the least. Then, different manufacturers may use different combination of materials to offer better quality and durability. Anyway, make sure you do your enquiry before making the purchase.


The design of a glove is something which, if perfect, can offers you an advantage in the game. Make sure it fits perfectly to your palm- it shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Further, you also must consider getting the modern gloves available with sticky designs, to avoid

If you are a receiver, you are looking for a lightweight, minimalist and sticky gloves with some really serious grip. You wouldn’t be looking for bulky designs. Then there is are running back’s gloves or lineman gloves which have this relatively thick padding and extra protection for finger and thus comes in a bulky design. Even in case of receiver gloves it would be good to have some bit of padding to the back to have protection against strong impacts possible while you are on the ground.

As for the looks, there would be pretty cool designs ranges available for you to choose from.