Have you ever read books on the blockchain? Here are some books about blockchain that are suggested by leaders and experts. Blockchain is a superior technology that transmutes digital transactions. Many books are written about blockchain technology that consists of information about blockchain and its possible applications. It includes technical and historical perspectives. Many exciting books can help you get detailed information. 

Here is the list of best blockchain books with rich information, and you can get a clear idea about blockchain and its related concepts. 

List of Best Books

1. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

It is one of the famous books written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a tech entrepreneur. He introduced multiple community open source projects. In addition, he took the initiative of the Bitcoin startups. He has gained popularity as the world’s top Bitcoin mining and open blockchain expert.

It also introduced the second edition of this technical book that offers necessary knowledge about the internet of money and investing in Bitcoin startups. It introduces Bitcoin and its non-technical users and business executives, and investors. 

In addition, it has presented about technical basics of Bitcoin and Cryptographic currencies. However, engineers, systems, developers, and software architects can help from this book. It also describes addresses, keys, and digital wallets. You can get information about decentralized networks, peer-to-peer architecture, security principles, and transaction lifecycle. 

2. Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence

 It offers an integrated overview and technical description and provides a technical description of the basic concepts of blockchain.

It has explained the state-of-the-art techniques that are useful in discussing the challenges. This technology has revolutionized and obtained the attention of industry professionals, and it can also extensively promote accessibility.  It also introduces the integrated perspective that has a tremendous impact on the blockchain, IoT, and AI. It has also described the opportunities and benefits in the ecosystem worldwide.

Plus, it provides potential solutions to readers as well. Moreover, you can read about the combination of smart systems, services, and environments. It also discusses the potential of blockchain to boost the integrity and accuracy of the data. You will read about processed information, Elucidates definitions, theories, assumptions, concepts, theories, and so on. Bitcoin Trading Platform has a detailed guide about blockchain and its related ideas. 

3. Brain-Friendly Guide for Blockchain from Bitcoin to Ethereum Drive

It is an excellent book about blockchain written by Henrique Centireiro. This is the best book that can assist you in understanding innovative trending technology. Its leading technology components like hashing, cryptography, applications. It also discusses the limitations of blockchain. 

In particular, it describes how hashing mechanisms work and cryptography’s role in the blockchain. Plus, it describes in detail how transactions get signed.

You will also get a good guide about blockchain use cases, understand blockchain architecture and organize it technically. In addition, it can aid you to acquire information that can make you interrelate.

This book entailed detailed information about science theory and related research. This book has engaging content but is not dull, and it contains visually rich format content, not tedious content.

4. Cashless

Another book written by Richard Turrin shows a roadmap for the digital currency future. It is a bestselling book that has discussed fintech innovation and is helpful for career bankers and technology experts. Mainly, it mentioned China’s digital currency that can predict a cashless future in the world.

This book also has a comprehensive guide of China’s digital currency to explain about cross-border payments. Moreover, digital payments will transform the promotion of financial inclusion. You will read about a complete study of China’s payment systems. It also prepares the rise of digital currencies.

Bottom Line

The above books are an excellent source to know the concept and practical implication of blockchain and its related applications.