In the age of internet you can’t rely on the traditional methods of promoting your products. in order to sell your product you first will have to make the customers aware of your offering. The technological advancement has given us various ways through which we can reach out to the potential customers easily and almost instantly. We call it the digital marketing techniques and there are various courses available to teach you the basics as well as the advanced concepts.

Let’s look at some of the Webmarketing 123 – Best Marketing course.

  1.    Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018

There are 23 courses in one package. Almost 20,000 students have taken this course of which most were satisfied. The course duration is 32 hours and they give 21 articles and 28 supplementary learning resources. The course teach you from the basics like marketing via email, YouTube, Facebook, blogs etc. to the complicated systems like Google Analytics and Advertising, Facebook Retargeting etc.

The course is regularly updated with the newest lessons like about Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. The course is very detailed and covers all necessary topics.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

It is one of the best free digital marketing course available to you. They teach the basic concepts and some of the advanced ones very thoroughly. From SEO to Google Analytics, there is variety of courses to choose from. In order to access all the courses for longer duration, they will ask for a subscription fee. They present 18 hours of tutorials.

  1.       Digital Marketing Training Certification from University of Illinois

The course offered is in connection with the University of Illinois. The course is available to the public and is listed on Coursera. So you don’t need to enroll. The professors from the university teach the course. They have broken the course into 7 sections and cover topics like analytics, different digital channels, etc. The duration of the course is 3 months and is offered in different languages.

  1. Digital Marketing Masterclass

This course is offered by Udemy. Udemy offers all different types of digital marketing courses but this one is the best. The basic aim of the course is to let you sign your first 1,000 customers. They emphasize on Social Media and Video Marketing through Facebook and Instagram. They also focus on the important SEO concepts.

The course not only tells you what should be done, but it also says how it should be done. It covers everything in detail. The course has got very good reviews. 32,000 digital marketers have taken the course successfully. The course is featured in various popular publications like Forbes, BusinessInsider.

  1.       The Complete Digital Marketing Course

We already mentioned that Udemy offers many digital marketing courses. One of their courses ‘The Complete Digital Marketing Course’ consists of 12 courses in one package. The package gives you everything you need to know about digital marketing. The course is created by Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh and over 1, 50,000 people have taken the course successfully. It has everything from Google AdWords and Analytics to SEO and Facebook advertising.

The course duration is more than 20 hours with 8 lengthy articles to understand. You get bonus lectures on YouTube Marketing, Twitter Marketing and important SEO aspects.

  1.       Skillshare’s Digital Marketing Training

Skillshare also offers a free course with numerous free resources on their site. They teach lessons on: growth hacking, social media, blogging, google analytics, amazon marketing and other in-depth digital concepts.

You get 2 months of free training and will have to pay the subscription fees for continued access after 2 months.


A well-recognized and thorough digital marketing course is what you require to kick-start your digital career. The right course will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to become successful in the field. The certification is required to validate the level of your knowledge and skill. There are a number of different courses available.

Some are available even for free. The only thing you have to see is what comprises a good digital marketing course and which one will be best for you. Join the course to get a firm grasp of the fundamentals.