While some people may argue that basketball or American football is the world’s most popular sport, no soccer fan will agree with those sentiments. This beautiful game is played in almost every country in the world, with many amateur and professional teams spread across every Manchester city. That explains why football games are among the most popular genres across gaming platforms.

Various giants in the industry have also released football games for Android and IOS devices, making them easier to access. Here are the top five football games worth checking out as you enjoy football betting on your android mobile phone.

  • PES Mobile 2021

The E-football PES 2021 is the fifth release of the PES Mobile game and the fifth time that Konami has successfully managed to pip EA on the mobile gaming scene. The 2021 edition is by far the most realistic mobile football game on the market today, offering realistic gameplay from shooting to individual player’s behavior. Additionally, Konami included a wider pitch and improved the ball physics compared to the previous seasons, making players more comfortable when holding the ball.

There aren’t any keen changes on the graphics from last year’s release, but the player faces look very realistic. Even better, dribbling using a player that has great ball control feels easier, allowing you to get past tight spaces in your opponents’ defense. The players are also highly aggressive on the defense, covering a lot of ground while attempting aggressive tackles.

  • FIFA Mobile

When football games are mentioned, EA’s FIFA is the first name that comes into most people’s minds. The game is highly exciting, and the gameplay is easy enough for beginners to enjoy but rough for super-level players.

With this game, you can develop a powerful league to command, join a league to compete in a worldwide tournament, and choose your players from over 500 teams. However, its graphics aren’t as impressive as PES Mobile, and you need a stable internet connection to play.

  • Dream League Soccer

Developed by First Touch Games, this is the only soccer game that comes close to competing with global giants EA and Konami. The game offers various players to sign to your team, with a very engaging league system to keep you entertained. There’s still a lot of work needed on the gameplay realism and graphics, but the seamless combination of football and managerial elements makes Dream League Soccer a highly immersive game to play.

  • Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

When playing video games, nothing feels better than being able to play against a real opponent. Fortunately, this multiplayer soccer game understands that, allowing you to share the excitement with your friends and family. The game is available on the PlayStore, with lots of unique features to allow you to have fun in style. Even better, you can play with different famous teams like Liverpool, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and others.

  • Real Football

If you’re looking for an android game that allows you to have fun like on the real soccer field, then Real Football is here for you. The game’s rules and functions are easy to understand, and you can use the asynchronous PvP Arena to challenge other gamers. You also get to see the ranking and leader board lists, making it a great fantasy simulation game.