Are you having a cooktop that stops working when you lit it up? If you are facing bad temperature control of your stove, do not waste your potential with this cooktop and award your kitchen with a new cooktop. 

Updating your cooktop is not much expensive and you can do it easily. But your investment will worth it when you buy a feature-rich gas cooktop in a justified way. So, I’m going to tell you what you need to buy a fully functional gas cooktop. I have given you a clear map of the features of a cooktop and you can select what you are looking for. Whether it is the choice of burners, its knobs, the shiny surface, or the installation, all is here for you. Then what are you waiting for! Let’s start

How does a gas cooktop work?

If you want to replace your current cooktop with a gas cooktop, you must have an idea that how it works. It uses an ignition system and creates a spark to burn the flame. When you turn the burner on, it creates a blue flame that you can control by rotating the knob. When you turn the knob high, more gas reaches, and a big flame is produced but when you lower the gas, the flame is decreased. 

What type of burner do you need? 

When you have to update your gas cooktop, do not buy one that looks more attractive. Go for its functionality. But can you check its functions and performance? Not practically but the best gas cooktop reviews can help you a lot. You can analyze which cooktop is performing the best and which one has the faulty feature. 

So, with this criterion and more that are given below, make comprehensive research, and then select for your kitchen.

Large burners

The burner is the main functional part of a gas cooktop and large burners are well suited if you mostly fry the things. You have to use larger frypans and saucepans for these large burners and have to be careful when using a high flame. If you want to have a cooktop with a large burner, you have to avoid high temperature for non-stick cookware.

Medium burners

These burners are medium in the flame and are used for foods that need accurate temperature and respond to the change in temperature. Like if you are cooking rice or making soup. The ingredients of these foods need high temperature in the start and then low cook on low flame.

Work burners

Work burners are even more intense than large burners and produce a very high flame. These are usually used when you have to stir-fry or fast boil. They heat up very quickly and you can use big large sized pots on it. If you want to fry any food in bulk, you can use extra large pan on work burners.

Simmer burners

Simmer burners are for light cooking like making of sauce, chocolate or for melting of butter. You also have to use small fry pans and saucepans on this burner.

Other considerable features to buy a gas cooktop

In addition to the type of the burners, you also have to consider other factors that are very important for a fully functional gas cooktop.


The surface of the gas cooktop must be smooth. If it will be porous, dust particles will entrap and the gleaming beauty will be destroyed. You also have to be vigilant when selecting a gas cooktop and buy the one that can bear some spills. Some tops have a special area between burners to contain any spill. So, check it fully what features you want and what they are offering.

Temperature control

The knobs of the cooktop must be of big size. When you check the knobs, make sure the have a crossbar as such types of knobs are easy to grip and are not damage early. An important thing about knobs is that they must not be positioned to close to the burner. If they will be closer, they will get heat up early and lose their functionality.

Easy installation

Before you buy a brand-new gas cooktop, you must know that you also have to pay for its installation. If you will select a high standard top with multiple features, there will be more attachments and you have to invest more. So, keep your budget in mind. If you want to be minimalistic, take a simple gas cooktop and install it by yourself.