Kratom has a lot of positive benefits. One of those benefits is helping with sleeping disorders which is why the majority of people are interested in knowing the best kratom for sleep deprivation.

We’re talking about using kratom for insomnia when we say the best kratom strain for sleep. Kratom can help with sleeping problems that happen due to various reasons. 

The positive benefits of using kratom can be used to deal with sleeping problems. Let’s find out how you can achieve that. We’ll also give you some tips you can experiment with and help you get better sleep using kratom for insomnia.

Reasons People Have Sleeping Problems

Sleep disorders can be caused by numerous factors. Although the causes may be different, the end result will either exaggerated or disrupted your body’s natural cycle of daytime wakefulness and slumber. Factors that can lead to sleeping disorders include:

·         Irritability

·         Aging

·         Illness

·         Noise

·         Anxiety

·         Chronic pain

·         Depression

·         Job change or loss

How Can Kratom Help

You may be wondering if using kratom for insomnia really works, and if so how? Let’s first look at some benefits of kratom.

·         Almost all kratom strains are sedative at higher doses. However, some red strains are sedative at lower doses.

·         Kratom can help with pain relief. So, if you’re experiencing physical pain, then use red kratom. As an analgesic, it’s very powerful. 

·         Kratom can also deal with anxiety. Some red kratom and green kratom strains can calm people down. It can create emotional happiness, chill you out, keep you focused and take away the stress.


Kratom targets things that cause sleeping problems. That’s why using kratom for sleep deprivation is a good option. One of the reasons people struggle with sleeping disorders is due to anxiety. At low doses, Kraton can lessen anxiety and even calm you down.

Many people suffer from sleeping problems because of physical pain such as back pain among other things. Using kratom for sleeping disorders due to chronic pain is a great option since it has analgesic properties. Also, some red kratom strains are highly sedative than others. So, choosing the right strain can help you sleep better.

Recommended Kratom Strains for Sleep

Not all kratom strains can help with sleeping problems. If you want to use kratom for insomnia, a good idea would be to begin with the 3 red strains that are associated with creating mild sedation, relieving physical pain and relieving anxiety.

However, avoid those strains that are associated with injecting focus and energy as they could be counter-productive. Kratom for sleep deprivation include:

·         Red Borneo

·         Red Indo

·         Red Bali

Your best option would be to purchase a variety pack from a reputable supplier as it contains all the 3 strains recommended above. This way, you can experiment with a few grams of each strain to see what works well for you. It’s important to note that the best kratom for sleeping problems is a low dose that doesn’t inject energy into the body.

Kratom can also create tolerance. Therefore, if you have to use it every day, then that’s a big problem that cannot be resolved with kratom. Using kratom for sleep a few times a week is great but using it every night will create a bigger issue that will require a bigger solution. Best kratom for anxiety. Some red kratom and green kratom strains…

Kratom Strains You Shouldn’t Use for Sleep

There are strains you should avoid using because they’re not suitable to help with sleep deprivation. They include:

·         White kratom

·         Green kratom

·         Red Thai kratom

·         Red Maeng Da kratom

White kratom should be avoided as it is uplifting and stimulating. You won’t feel tired. It can also increase your anxiety. Instead of feeling sleepy, white kratom will make you stay awake. For the same reasons, strains of green kratom should also be avoided. Although they’re mild, they’re more stimulating than the reds. Most green kratom strains tend to be more calming and sedative at higher doses.


Red Maeng Da kratom and Red Thai kratom are very strong. They can stimulate and calm you down at the same time. At higher doses, you’ll be sedated and chilled out and at lower doses, the pain will be relieved and you’ll feel chilled out but you’ll also have increased energy and focus. This is not what you’re looking for if you’re using kratom for sleeping disorders.

Kratom Dosage for Sleep

It’s advisable to only use the minimum dose you require if you’re using kratom for sleep. You’ll begin to build a tolerance if you increase your dose. Moreover, you’ll experience extreme effects if you use higher doses. So, instead of solving the problem, you’ll create more issues.

If you can get pure kratom and you aren’t suffering from any mental or physical health problems, then the right kratom dosage for sleep is as follows:

·         2 to 3 grams – beginner dose

·         4 to 5 grams – moderate dose

·         6 to 7 grams – high dose

Although you can use more than 5 grams, increasing your dose to 6 mg or 7 mg occasionally is okay. But if you’re using more than 7 grams of pure kratom each night before falling asleep, then that’s a path you should avoid taking. It will create dependence and tolerance.

Unless you’re dealing with extreme circumstances, you shouldn’t take higher doses. 3 to 5 gm of pure kratom should be enough to relax you, end physical pain and cure anxiety to help you get some sleep.


If you want to improve your kratom experience, get quality sleep. If you have an issue with falling asleep, take kratom 3 to 6 hours before going to bed but if the problem is staying awake, take kratom 1½ to 2 hours before going to sleep. Avoid taking kratom more than 3 times a week. This will help you minimize the possibility of creating tolerance. Also, take time to find the right dose since these strains are very sedating.