Shorts can give a great experience whether you wear it during the summer or other seasons when temperatures are higher than usual. There are multiple shorts, and they depend on what purpose you want to wear them for. Casual wear is the primary purpose of wearing shorts, but there are shorts for lounging, hiking, running, and sleeping. Shorts should be short, just as the name suggests. A pair of shorts that fall below the knees is not suitable, but the bottom should only be around the knee cap. How long or short your shorts should depend on your height and muscle shape. Cotton and linen are the most popular materials for making shorts. The natural fibers that make shorts are suitable because of their breathability, and therefore you should avoid smelling your feet under your jeans. Some of the best men’s shorts are as follows.


Bode shorts are products of Emily Bode, who is a New York designer. The shorts are aesthetically perfect and modern as well. The brand has found its way in the music arena with some musicians shooting videos wearing the attire.

J. crew mercantile chino shorts

These shorts are a mixture of one percent elastane and ninety-nine percent cotton, which improves their breathability. You can use the sorts for various outdoor errands such as walking, hiking, and cycling. The Mercantile shorts are elastic, meaning you can use them on vacation and for a weekend out.

Amazon essentials men’s slim-fit short

These Chino shorts are one hundred percent cotton, and besides their versatility, they are also affordable, and you do not need to break your bank. The inseam is approximately nine inches long and comes in various colors, but the most popular is navy blue. Side and rear button pockets offer storage for your phone and other small essentials.

Wrangler authentic men’s performance shorts

Wrangler’s original shorts are a combination of three percent spandex, seventy-three percent cotton, and twenty-four percent nylon, which makes them the most elastic shorts. The fabric dries fast. The waistband features ensure that the shorts stay on your waist even with some weight in your pockets.

Straight denim shorts

The best men’s shorts list cannot be complete without mentioning some jeans shorts. The designer uses stretch denim and a drawstring waist for adding comfort. You can wear jeans, shorts and a button shirt or t-shirt and some loafers for a casual look.

H&M knee-length shorts

H&M shorts can be perfect for hiking, walk, and athletes due to their elastic waistband.

Bonobos lightweight chinos

The bonobo’s chinos are durable Pima cotton products, and a combination of these shorts with a polo shirt will make you stand out relaxed in the crowd.

Patagonia Baggies

Patagonia baggies are perfect for swimming, hiking, and other weekend errands. These shorts come in five-inch inseams, and seven -inch inseams and the two are commonly known as baggies shorts and baggies longs, respectively. The drying ability of the baggies ensures you do not walk around with wet shorts. Depending on your height and body muscle shape, you can pick baggies shorts or baggies longs.