When participating in sports betting or casino games available at bookie, you will have many forms of bets to bring in profits, including Moneyline bet which is also a popular bet type. So what is the strategy of applying Moneyline bets, let’s find out with W88 through the article below.

Overview of Moneyline betting on W88 bookie

Moneyline bets are bets on the money flowing into the bets of the match. Players will predict which bet the more money will flow in the match, if you guess correctly, you will win. Although the player’s win rate in this betting form will be 50/50, it is not easy to win this moneyline bet without the right experience and strategy. 

Moneyline bets will only appear in sports where the matches will find a winner during regular time. Therefore, in football betting, this money line bet will not be possible when the match result has up to 3 results, winning, drawing and losing. So the sports that appear in Moneyline bets that you can bet W88 at official homepage W88clubz.com are tennis, boxing, swimming, racing, tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.

Effective moneyline betting strategies when betting on W88

Choose Moneyline bets with a high win rate

Most moneyline bets are usually on the stronger rated team. For more predictable bets, the bookie will limit the amount of bets and the odds of winning are also lower, in contrast to those that are difficult to determine, you can get an amount many times your bet.

Although it looks easy to win, there are also unexpected bets for players. Therefore, you need to bet with your own self-determined amount so as not to lose the original amount.

One form of judgment before betting Moneyline is in terms of strength, confrontational performance, performance, and force correlation.

Strategies for choosing potential winning bets

One of the interesting things about sports betting is the element of surprise in the matches. Therefore, it is not always the team or the athlete that is judged to be stronger. However, there are still some experiences for you to choose the correct bet door, as follows:

  • In Moneyline bets, if you see that the team that is identified as the bottom door has a high reward rate, it is best to bet on the upper hand to win.
  • In matches where two athletes are separated in the world seed rankings, bets on the stronger rated athlete should be placed.
  • Do not bet close to the time of the match because at this time the table will have a huge fluctuation. Newbies will not be experienced enough to bet correctly.
  • Most bookies usually offer bets a few days before the match. Please find information and analyze the information carefully to give the most accurate bet.

Some things to note when betting Moneyline

When you bet on Moneyline, not every match shows the upper and lower bets. When the teams have the same level, the bookie can offer a bet like the following example: the match between Switzerland and Argentina.

As you can see, neither team has plus (+) odds because the bookie thinks that both teams have an equal chance of winning the match. However, that doesn’t mean you should flip a coin and bet your luck. You still need to regularly study the factors related to the match to predict the final winning team.

It is common in sports that competing teams often play better at home. But there are also teams that excel when playing away from home. That’s why you need to find out if the recent results of your team betting at home or away have a big impact on the outcome of the match.


The above are effective moneyline betting strategies when participating in sports betting on W88 online bookie. Surely you need more practice to be able to use these strategies well, so join W88 betting today and apply.