Nothing would offer a luxurious feeling and experience as great as watching the last race of the season in the one of the most opulent, shining Arabian star, Abu Dhabi. Ever since the first Formula One Festival at Abu Dhabi back in 2007, that saw the greatest gathering outside any Grand Prix, the city has never failed to gather millions of people for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix every year. And, if you’re planning to fly around half the world to see Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, you might as well watch it from the best spot; no arguing with that.

So, what’d be the best place to watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? We’ve put together a list of 5 great places you can consider for shortlisting and getting the ideal space, while you are at it. Keep scrolling!

5 best places to watch Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from

Abu Dhabi Paddock Club

If you looking for a grand space with unmatchable hospitality and a touch of luxury from where you can get a good view of the last race of the season and get as close as you can to the race cars, then the Paddock club Abu Dhabi is the place. What’s more, it has an open bar and a lip-smacking gourmet buffet for the entire weekend. Organized by Formula One itself, the place sells out like hotcakes. Make sure you get you access and package ready as soon as you can.

Trackside Yacht

Looking for a VIP experience, are you? You might be interested in the Trackside Yacht. While here, in addition to the prima marina bertha and several viewing decks, the hospitality and exquisite food will leave you feeling wonderful. You will totally experience the luxury in the sporty mood and set up. And rest assured, you won’t be missing any action on the track either. What’s more? A free flow of drinks.

Champion’s Club

The champions club offers some of the best panoramic views of Yas Marina, thanks to it being a part of a skyscraper. There’s both comfortable and cool indoor areas as well as the shaded outdoor seating for you to choose from. Add to it the mouth-watering cuisine and drinks!

The Grandstands

If you are looking to have a closer look at the action, what could be better than the Grandstands? Even from the alternatives, here are the Grandstands we recommend for the best close-ups of the Grand Prix.

South Grandstand: a perfectly positioned grandstand at the end of the second long straight point, this is undoubtedly a place very close to all the actions happening at the grand event. What makes it the best is it is the most common point for overtakes.

West Grandstand: For some spectacular views and for thrilling close-ups of the turns 8 and 9, you may also consider the West Grandstand too. Wrapped around turn 8, the West Grandstand has a good bunch of seats that can offer a pretty distant view.