Gone is the time when customers only used cable to watch their favorite sports matches. Streaming services have eroded this. As a loyal fan, you would want to keep a live tab on your team’s matches, irrespective of your location. Every match has its intense moments when expectations are both high and low, and streaming the games allows you to catch all of the moments as they occur, without the cord or cable.

With the wide array of streaming services available, it could be a bit challenging to select the right one for you. For instance, ESPN+ is a service for the die-hard football fan. Also, though services like Netflix is great for watching TV series and movies, it lacks coverage for live sports streaming. Suffice to say that different services offer different features.

As you adjust into the cable-less world, check out the best services to watch your favorite sports matches live.

In-Play Betting Providers

This one is probably an unexpected option to come up as the top suggestion in this list of the best services to watch sports games online. This option is here because of the thrill added by betting on matches while watching them. In-play betting means you’ll be able to place money on smaller events that happen throughout the game, but you can, of course, choose to just watch the game if that suits you better.

Another plus of using a bookmaker to watch sports games is that you’ll have all sports gathered at one place as compared to a lot of the options below that are quite niched into specific sports.

There are many providers out there when it comes to in-play betting and watching games through the bookmaker. Listing and ranking them here would be too big of a subject; therefore, we suggest that you check out Online Betting Guide experts’ take on the matter.


ESPN Plus has great offerings for fans of soccer, baseball, or UFC. It features as one of the best sports streaming services and also offers a free trial. You have access to tons of latest sports news, award-winning documentaries, as well as live sports coverage of MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, and PGA tour games. The service also includes the United States’ UFC mixed martial arts fighting league.

ESPN+ is available via the web or accessible through dedicated apps for Android, Chromecast, Samsung Tizen, FireTV, iOS, Roku, and tvOS users. ESPN+ supports five concurrent streams.  The streaming service costs $6 per month or $50 per year. Bundling it with Hulu and Disney Plus requires monthly payment of $13. An added feature is the possibility of watching ESPN+ on three different devices simultaneously using the same account.



It is a streaming service that is specifically designed for lovers of hockey. All regular-season games could be streamed live, except those covered by local and national TV broadcasts. Its offerings include robust video, streaming options of either the home or away broadcast, in-goal cameras, and sometimes, audio-only feeds. You can replay games from earlier seasons with markers on the progress bar that allow you to skip certain highlights.

These features are, however, not available on mobile devices. Rather, they are only accessible via computer or through non-mobile apps (such as the one for Xbox). The extra camera angles feature of the streaming service makes it appealing. The monthly subscription is $24.99, while the yearly alternative is $139.99.


The NBA Live TV is the perfect streaming service for basketball fans that seek non-stop hoops coverage. With $6.99 a month or $59.99 a year, you have unhindered access to over 100 exclusive live games, on-demand shows, and documentaries, as well as class NBA games.

The shows focus on social conversations, legends, and current players. Once subscribed, you can access NBA TV via the web, mobile, or through connected TV devices as well as game consoles. Just as the 2020-2021 season starts on December 22, you may have to sign up for the service for access to the games.

PGA Tour Live

PGA Tour Live affords pro golf fans to watch featured played groups live for a particular season. It is a direct-to-consumer subscription video service that allows you to watch the biggest stars from the leading tours on your devices, including AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, NBC Sports Gold app, Amazon Prime Video, and through iOS and Android apps.

With a monthly and annual subscription of $9.99 and $64.99, respectively, you also get exclusive access to extensive original series that takes you back to the history of the world of golf. Also included are highlights of a particular player from among the featured groups. Most of the events are available on the on-demand option.

WWE Network

This is the ultimate sports entertainment for wrestling lovers. WWE Network is home to enormous TV archives and original shows. You have access to tons of content, including WWE, NXT, WCW, and ECW. At some time, the network will provide its user with free access to major pay-per-views such as SummerSlam, WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series.

The network formerly offers a free trial for full access to its array of videos. It costs $9.99 per month to subscribe to the  network while you get access to a huge library of on-demand content that you can stream.