Slots are not the best-paying casino games but they make up for it with a high level of fun and entertainment, hence their popularity. However, no gambler pays for fun. If you want to maximize your payouts you need to ensure you understand the game and play like a pro. The secret is to have a good strategy that will ensure you minimize your losses. The best slot strategy always begins before you play. You need to understand your main goal and make a budget.

If you want to spend time play slots and maximize your payouts, below are some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Establish your play objectives beforehand

Your goal is the very first item you should consider when you want to play online slots. Did you have a long day and you need to have some hours of fun and entertainment? Or are you paying to win as much money as possible? How you prioritize payout, fun and entertainment value, and playtime affects your strategy. You need to think about the most important thing before you start playing.

Bankroll budget

The next thing you need to cross off your list is how much money you are willing to spend. Start by deciding how much money you are willing to lose at the casino. This will help you maintain your budget limit and avoid overspending. Once you have decided on your budget, come up with an effective way to divide your bankroll by the number of hours you will be spending in the Stars77 casino. For instance, if you are willing to lose up to $60 and you are planning to stay on for three hours, you can’t lose more than $20 per hour. If you run out of money before the hour ends, take a break until the hour is up. The even distribution makes the game more fun since you will play for longer hours with the budget you already stipulated.

Make use of benefits and bonuses

Due to the high number of online casinos, most casinos offer players several rewards and benefits to keep up with the competition. Take advantage of these bonuses and rewards to maximize your payouts. For instance, some casinos offer free bets for new customers, where you can play for free and make some money in the process.

Avoid progressive slots

Progressive slot machines offer high and lucrative prices but with horrible odds. The casinos take part of the money they’d normally pay to players to put toward the progressive jackpot. It is important to note that casinos don’t use their own money if they can avoid it. Progressive jackpots are funded by losing spins from the slot machines. Meaning the higher the price the more losers. So, you need to carefully read each play table to see the payouts. Go for machines with moderate and mod value jackpots and prizes.


You should be highly informed to be able to make the right decision when playing slots at stars77 casino. If your goal is for fun go for intricate video slots with lots of fun but lower payouts. If you want to make as much money as possible. Forgo huge jackpots and fancy slots.