Compared to any other online casino game video slots are infinitely more flexible in terms of theme, and this makes them way more appealing to players who like to match their gambling experience with the seasonal changes in weather and general feeling. It is true; with online slots you really can sync your reel spinning fun with the current weather, for instance. 

And here’s the thing, you certainly won’t want to play a gloomy winter style slot at the height of summer, and vice versa. In the warmer months especially pretty much every slot gambler will surely be pining for a game that can accentuate the wonders of the summer. Let’s have a look at the best slots to play during the warmer months according to

Aloha! Cluster Pays Slot Game

For the last decade and a half NetEnt have swept through the online casino industry in truly swashbuckling style, becoming one of, if not the top developers one can find. You only have to look to their dazzling array of titles for confirmation of this – it is a back-catalogue that holds more than one absolute gem.

Aloha! Cluster Pays takes the wonderful islands of Hawaii as prime inspiration, and the result is an online slot that is absolutely perfect for the summer months. Not only is theme amazing, NetEnt have also introduced a cluster pays method that enables some huge wins. Don’t miss out!

The Codfather Slots

All the summer swimming in the sea got you wondering what goes on beneath? Well, you could don some goggles and a snorkel, or you could whack the laptop out and play one of the most hilarious video slots to come out of the 21st Century, namely The Codfather. 

This game centres around the escapades of the aquatic gangster aptly named The Codfather, you must help him acquire some more henchman, as well as knocking out his rivals in order to gain a rather handsome jackpot. This is also a NetEnt game so you know you are in good hands. But anyway, with such a hilarious theme you would be a fool not to want to play this game anyway. 

Sunny Shores Online Slot

In many ways Sunny Shores is the quintessential summer themed online slot game, as soon as you start playing it you are immediately struck by a wonderful beach landscape that is lit perfectly by the sun. Sunny shores indeed…

The symbols here are also incredibly evocative of the summer, not least because they all resemble a selection of tasty seasonal fruit. This slot is made and designed by the Swedish powerhouse Yggdrasil, so the graphics and general gameplay are unsurprisingly second to none. 

Wild Water Online

If Jaws met the swinging 60s whilst playing video slots at a casino Wild Water would be the result. Hop in that iconic VW hippie van and spin the reels of this slot, you definitely won’t be disappointed! Even the shark symbol becomes something to admire rather than fun frightfully from, as it is the wild symbol.