Being healthy and fit nowadays is trendy. Fashion is all about healthy nutrition and exercise. Young people start getting rid of their bad habits, choosing sports instead. However, for many of them, it is a challenge to change their lifestyle completely. If you are one of those youngsters or wish to promote a healthy way of life to the masses, you’d better think about sports careers. We offer some of the top college degrees that will help you with this mission.

Sports Medicine & Healthcare

It does not mean that you have to become a nurse or a physician one day. Sport and healthcare are closely interrelated. An expert in sports medicine should know how to prevent clients from damages and traumas, provide valuable tips, and manage physical activities. Solving health problems that people involved in sport face means solving various health issues in general. It is about being able to provide first aid to anyone around. 

If you decide to start attending courses in sports medicine, do not expect to have many teammates. The classes are usually small. To earn a BA in this field, one should be ready to create coursework and serve as an intern before obtaining a serious, well-paid job. The primary skills to gain and develop are decision making and critical thinking. Of course, one should know anatomy perfectly well. If you wish to become a professional physician one day, a Master’s degree is required. It is better to develop both an admissions essay and cover letter to increase your chances of winning an application process.

Sports Psychology

Psychologists are highly paid experts in the United States. The recent sources prove that the wages of these specialists only go up with every new year. Sports psychology is one of the branches. Most of the famous athletes use psychological services. People involved in sports face many issues that might lead to mental disorders. Professionals should know how to detect and interpret different patterns of behaviors and personal qualities. Training and team-building are among other critical skills that the field may provide.

Young people who attend this program will mostly learn topics related to human behavior, mental health, and sports performance. The specific themes include:

  • Individual qualities
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Professional development
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Exercise psychology
  • Team-building
  • Fitness training 
  • Leadership

If you want to apply for a degree in sport psychology, you should craft a powerful personal statement. If you are not sure about your writing talents, you may turn to, and you may get assistance there. Also, sports psychologists closely deal with business. Some of them launch their consulting agencies. Mastering the field of nutrition also would be a huge benefit.

Sports Nutrition

Modern people are concerned about their health. Many of them refuse bad habits in favor of a healthy way of life. This lifestyle supposes that they should know what, when, and how to eat. Sport nutrition specialists specialize in more than beverages and food. They also serve as consultants and supervisors. They help their clients to pick the right ration and combine it with the proper exercises to achieve the desired outcomes within the shortest period. While some athletes require higher levels of calories, others should avoid certain types of food. The idea is to assist people involved in sports with getting rid of excess weight or, vice versa, lack of weight. Anorexia nervosa is even a more serious problem than overweight. If you possess a diploma in sports nutrition, you may apply for the positions in the following locations:

  • Health & fitness clubs
  • Medical centers
  • Research labs
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Food retail establishments
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Learning healthy nutrition is beneficial for everyone. You can change your life for the better, even if you decide to study this program for personal development. Experts working in the field of sports nutrition may earn as much as $60,000 annually.

Sports Communication

Communication is a rather important skill in various fields of life. It is the core ability of social media representatives, such as journalists and copywriters. It is critical to know the field that you are writing about to become successful. 

Usually, it does not take longer than four years to get a degree in sport communication. While studying, young people can serve as interns in talent agencies or sports organizations. The covered topics include:

A good sports journalist should be aware of all the news from the world of sports. Except for professional terminology, these experts should attend specific courses and obtain a degree in sport communication.


Those are the most popular and demanded degrees in sports today. You’ll have to spend something around four years to obtain one of them and guarantee yourself a successful sports career. You can always check the current trends, wages, and requirements for different degrees and positions before making the final decision.

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