‘Freeform’ is one of the best cable channels owned by the ABC family, an indirect subsidiary of The Wald Disney Company. The channel prides in having one of the best show lineups cable tv has to offer that too free along with any of your cable package. You don’t have to lose a limb, go broke or premium to watch this channel to your heart’s desire. Here is a list of top providers and how and where of ways you can get access to Freeform. 


DISH TV easily snagged the highest place on our list because of its wide channel range offering. If you want to enjoy Freeform along with tons of other amazing channels then DISH TV has got you more than covered. We would recommend you to go for DISH TV America’s Top 120 package, offering 190 channels and free HD service for life for $59.99 /mo. guaranteed for 2 years. Though the price is a little high for a TV package-subscription, with DISH TV’s powerful DVR you will soon come to realize the investment is worth every penny.  

Hopper3 – DVR offered by DISH TV is the best one in the market and is touted as the kind of DVR, which is too good to be true. Hopper3 contains 2 terabytes of storage and 16 tuners which means one can download 16 TV shows at the same time and DVR can hold around 2000 hours of entertainment. It can be controlled via its smart voice remote; you can just tell your DVR what to do! Who wouldn’t need this powerful HDR? All these features certainly justify, DISH TV being on top of this list. 


  • Wide channel range
  • Powerful Hopper 3-DVR


  • Price is a little high 
  • Contract-free policy not offered

2. Charter Spectrum™:

Charter Spectrum™ – one of the largest cable TV providers in the United States – never fails to cater to the entertainment needs of the masses. Spectrum’s digital TV package starts from $44.99/mo. (for 12 months). This plan titled spectrum tv select offers 125+ Channels, free HD, on-demand content, DVR services, and of course access to Freeform’s top rated shows!

Spectrum is the most sought after cable TV and internet provider because of its wide coverage across the United States. The rather recent acquisition of Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable has helped Charter greatly at expanding its footprint nationwide. 

The best thing about Spectrum TV® is that it comes free of a binding contract. Spectrum provides the liberty to all its customers to switch to any other provider whenever they feel like it. Spectrum also allows you to bundle up or customize packages by adding extra services that are in line with your needs and the demands of your household. 


  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Contract free policy 
  • Practical bundle deals 
  • Allows customizing a package according to personal needs and demands 


  • Charges an extra fee for additional services

3. Xfinity: 

The Digital Starter TV plan from Xfinity costs $59.99/mo. without a term agreement and offers 140+ channels. And, yes, it includes Freeform while it also brings you On Demand options from Xfinity’s extensive content library. Cable reliability comes as a by-product of Xfinity. Albeit, streaming, and satellite TV services have come a long way when it comes to dependability, cable TV still knocks them out of the ring. 

Well, the Xfinity Starter TV may seem as reasonable as the DISH TV offer but I would tell you to check again. One may have to pay the broadcasting fee, a fee for regional sports channels, and the monthly subscription may increase drastically after the end of the promotion period. Certainly, charges tend to vary but it usually adds up to $30 to the monthly fee making the Xfinity TV costlier than DISH TV every month as well as in the long run.  

Tip: Xfinity is great for bundle services i.e. packaging up cable TV, internet, and phone. It offers several bundle deals, even allowing you to customize your package based on additional charges. However, X1 Preferred Pro Triple Play with Netflix is one of their best performing bundle deals, offering 220+ channels with HD programming & 150 hours of DVR service, 500 Mbps-fast internet connectivity, and unlimited nationwide calling, all for just $139.99/ mo. with a 2-year service agreement.

Xfinity’s biggest drawback is that they don’t usually provide no-contract package options. This option is pretty unheard of on traditional cable packages. The only way to save (around $10 or more per month) with Xfinity is to get into legal binding with them. However, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. One can try the services out to decide whether or not a long-term commitment would be feasible. 


  • Amazing bundle deals on offer
  • In some cases, a contract-free option is available 


  • Additional fees charged

4. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a serious contender in the online streaming world, offering 60+ live and on-demand channels for $54.99/mo. and if you do not wish to be bothered severely with the free flow of ads interrupting you as you watch Christmas favorites, you can pay Hulu $6 more and get rid of the unwanted advertisements. It is certainly not the most economical service in the market, yet is doable. The price covers two simultaneous streams and along with this, you get 50 hours of cloud DVR. 

And here is the best part! You can start enjoying Christmas sooner this Holiday season with Hulu’s new offer which allows all existing customers to upgrade their package to 200 hours of DVR storage and premium content for an additional fee of just $14.99 per month. 

If you cannot seem to find something of your interest from the 60+ channels, Hulu Live TV also provides access to a wide On-Demand media library. In addition to Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas transmission, one can devour Hulu’s originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc. 

The biggest flaw Hulu Live has is that it doesn’t include some of the most popular channels like the NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, etc. This seeming trivial yet significant flaw makes Hulu stand at the fourth position in our list. To be honest, 60+ channels and an on-demand watching service is quite costly for $54.99. Yet people prefer it because of the cloud DVR facility. 

Here it is worth mentioning Hulu offers a 7-day trial to allow potential customers to evaluate their satisfaction. 


  • No contract 
  • Can enjoy on-demand content 


  • A little too pricey for the features


In short, my vote is for Xfinity, DISH TV, and Spectrum. They offer a wide range of channels and on-demand watching options for almost the same price as that of the online streaming companies (that offer comparatively limited channel range & features). Check out different packages offered via Local Cable Deals and subscribe to them to set the entertainment fire ablaze.