In the US, there has been an increase in the number of cyclists over the last three years. Today, more and more adults are showing deep interest in cycling and ebike as a mode of entertainment, transportation and exercise. It is indeed good news! 

It means more bicycles and lesser pollution. It also means healthier people. So, what is the position of the US when we compare it globally. Here is a look at three countries and how cycling looks in these cultures.

The Netherlands

It is known that in Netherlands 30% of the trips are made by bicycles. This is 1 in every 3. It is known that in Netherlands, there is one bike for every citizen. The Dutch love bicycles and they have a great infrastructure for it as well. In Amsterdam there are more than 200 miles of cycling lanes. In US, if the cities can catch up with this, the number of cyclists can easily match.

South Africa 

If you search ‘bicycling’ in South Africa, you will come across several photos of wonderful landscape. The country has a gorgeous terrain, and this is easily experienced by a cyclist. There are several companies which offer bicycle tours along the countryside. For the locals of South Africa, bicycling is quite a popular form of transportation. Now, cities are increasingly adding bike lanes. Bike sharing programs are also increasing in popularity.


Comparatively Japan does not have most cycles per capita; the country still boasts of a strong biking culture. It is known that 15% of the total commutes are on bicycle. Also, it is known that the rate of bike theft is quite low.  Since theft is not a concern, several people comfortably leave their bicycles unlocked.

The US does not have the greatest number of bicycles when compared to other countries or it doesn’t also have a strong biking culture. However, it is known that cycling and bicycles are becoming a big part of their popularity over the years. Today, more and more cities are adding bike lanes and ensuring it is important part of their infrastructure. You can do your bit to ensure that US is bike friendly. You can check some of our many options, in case you need a new bike.