Around a year ago, former NBA player and Big 3 star Glen “Big Baby” Davis was arrested for drug possession. 

According to TMZ, he was found with 126 grams of weed on him, as well as a briefcase with over $90,000 inside of it.

The arrest led to seven charges against him, one of which was for drug possession with intent to distribute which could have put him behind bars for five years. 

It appears as though Davis is off the hook for the offense, as he has now struck a deal and is free. 

Part of the deal was paying a $15,000 fine which eventually got all of the charges dropped.

In a statement to TMZ, Margaret Mead, Davis’ attorney, said:

“He wants to make a comeback and he’s certainly not a drug dealer. He’s not any of those things.” If Davis slips up within the next three years, his case can be reopened, so he’ll have to watch himself for the time being. Although we hope “Big Baby” is able to succeed during these next three years as we would hate to see him in jail.

This past year, Davis played for Power in the Big 3 and helped them win the championship.

Not sure why anyone needs that much weed. 

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