Big Shake-Ups for NFL Week 5 

NFL Week 5 could not have been more unpredictable even if it were a game of roulette. A lot has happened, with the Tennessee Titans’ outbreak to the departure of Bill O’Brien. If you are the roulette type, then you can find some free roulette games where you can play and have fun, but if you want to make sense of the NFL, we suggest you don’t miss out on the biggest shake-ups in NFL Week 5! 

Bill O’Brien Departs from Houston Texans 

Following four dispiriting games, the Houston Texans have had to make some hard decision, trying to reform their lineup at the core. Is the departure of O’Brien a huge blow to Houston’s ability to play this week? 

Nobody seems to think so. When things do get bad, most teams are looking to shake things up quickly. The Texans parted ways with Bill on amicable terms and publicly. O’Brien himself admitted that he hadn’t been able to find a way to improve the team’s performance, but felt confident that a fresh pair of eyes might be more beneficial. 

Many have been calling for Bill’s resignation, that is true, but few have offered solutions. Romeo Crennel will have to step in and offer a quick fixer-upper out of a very difficult situation for the team. Yet, fans are feeling confident that the Sunday game will go in the way of Houston. 

The NFL Boosts Safety and Health Protocols 

With the Tennessee Titans experiencing a new and strange challenge, the National Football Association is now mobilizing its resources to ensure the safety of everyone who participates – from people maintaining the facilities to teams, to referees and the now returning audiences. 

NFL Commission Roger Goodell has said that a slew of changes is being planned for this week, enhancing safety and health protocols. Understandably, the league will be stricter with wrongdoers and deploy various technological solutions to remind athletes, coaches, and audiences to wear a mask and keep social distance where necessary and applicable. 

The Titans though will have to skip at least two weeks of games, which is one of the biggest shake-ups for NFL Week 5 and not great news for the team. 

NFL Week 4’s Games Set New Record

Week 5 is set to send its ripples, and if Week 4 is anything to go by, we may see more points being scored than ever before! That is quite possible given that the previous week had 51.3 points per game on average, which is the highest weekly record since the AFL and NFL merged back in 1970. 

Week 5 will obviously miss a game, so the stats may fall, but teams are looking in good health to deliver another record-breaking experience. Why the better results, you may wonder? It’s quite simple. 

The NFL has dropped some smart decisions along the way, expediting the game process and cutting down on downtime. 

Better Quarterback in NFL Week 5 

We are looking at some fantastic plays ahead of us in NFL Week 5. The reason why? We haven’t lost a single one of the top dogs and as the season continues, we can see teams picking up speed. 

Clearly, Seattle Seahawks’ man Russell Wilson is the leader. He has been both the top quarterback in NFL Week 4 and Week 5 averaging 9.5 pass attempts and sporting a very healthy 75% completion rate. 

To put things in a language if anyone would understand. If the ball lands in Wilson, he’s going to deliver three out of four times. Sounds harsh and it is, especially if you are playing against the man. 

Another big mover in the season is Patrick Mahomes who has been delivering on a stellar performance. Just like Wilson, he is an immovable player and his #2 is well-deserved. Head to head, Mahomes and Wilson would both end up playing a very similar game, so there is really no telling which player you ought to root for more. 

Biggest Movers You Can Find 

The injury report for NFL Week 5 looks pretty good. There haven’t been big upsets out there and that is a good thing. Most players will return to the weekly games and do their best to win for their teams. 

Sure, a few new additions will have to appear here and there, but nothing too disconcerting at all. Strap yourself in, because NFL Week 5 will be great.