Every American will know of baseball considering that it is one of the most popular sports in America. Though this notion cannot be applied to the whole world, there will still be a good percentage of countries that have heard of the sport. Many countries even have their own leagues dedicated to baseball but none are bigger than the MLB, of course. It may however surprise some to learn that it’s not Americans who are the best at baseball, instead, this honour belongs to Japan. However, it is clear that the biggest and best stars of the sport have come from America, as it was the birthplace of the sport.

Many non-Americans look at baseball and consider it to be no more exciting than any other batting sport such as softball or rounders. Of course, Americans will see this very differently as to them, baseball is a symbol of America. It is a sport that defined the 30’s and even the 40’s which would have been a beacon of hope following the Second World War that took place during the latter decade. Given this kind of history, there is no doubt why many Americans look upon baseball with such admiration, and the same is true for the biggest stars in the sport. 

Most will know that sports memorabilia in America is a lucrative market to get into as the prize for some items can be astronomically high. The rarest items are also incredibly expensive, and people will likely have to get lucky playing at online casinos like https://casinoohneanmeldung.casino/ if they hope to be able to pay for them. This is because of the sports culture in America – the whole country simply loves it. 

Baseball has had many elite sportsmen grace it and many have them have even made it as a household name, but only a few select players will live forever in the memory of Americans as legends of the sport. Here are a few of them.

Babe Ruth

There can be no baseball list, no baseball article without talking about Babe Ruth. Some consider him to be even the greatest sportsman in America, which shows just how adored he is in baseball. Many will remember him for marking the end of the dead-ball era, so disruptive his introduction to the major leagues was. The thing that really makes him so memorable, as well as likeable, is the fact that he was America’s first sports superstar.

Willie Mays

This is another example of an astounding sportsman who was incredibly gifted at baseball. The type of numbers that Mays was able to hit is insane and cements him firmly as one of the best. He will best be remembered for his over the shoulder catch.

Barry Bonds

If ever there was a stereotypical macho American man, it was Barry Bonds. Despite being surrounded by controversy, the statistics behind his performances are incredible, earning him a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Those were just some of the biggest names in baseball, but most will know that there is so many more to choose from.