Bill Belichick did a a radio interview on Tuesday and talked about the new helmet rule.  According to the Patriots head coach, it’s not an issue for his team because they don’t teach tackling with the crown of your helmet.


“From my standpoint, there’s really . . . it’s not a change for us, for our coaching staff,” Belichick said. “We’ve never taught tackling with the crown of your helmet, putting your head down, leaning your body forward in that type of position. I don’t think fundamentally that’s a good position to be in. It’s not effective.

“We’ve always tackled with our head up, eyes open, head back, so we can see what we hit. That’s the only way I’ve ever coached. If we do it that way, we’ll be within the rules.”

Nobody should be teaching lowering your head.  Clearly it’s being taught somewhere.  There are a ton of guys doing it.