Blake Griffin has been spotted yet again with a mystery blonde.  This is at least the third time they’ve been seen out together.  

They left little doubt about their status as they were spotted kissing after an afternoon scooter session.

Via OK Magazine:

Looks like it may have just been a friendly gathering between Blake and Tinashe, as he was spotted getting a lot more intimate with the mystery blonde on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

There was a third wheel for this date, as another girl joined them for a fun scooter session and some dessert while out and about.

This culminated in a passionate kiss with the girl in the black sweatshirt before the night was over. Blake was seen on a date at Nobu last weekend with a girl who looks just like the one he smooched on Saturday night. Could these two be a potential item? 

Blake and his new lady friend definitely want to be spotted together.  So expect more of these two as the off-season continues.

As always the tip line is open.  If you have any info on who Blake’s mystery girl is send it our way.