NBA Fans are ruthless. 

Lana Rhoades has been creeping up in sports headlines every now and again after the scandal of whom her childโ€™s father is went viral. The former Adult Film Star has not yet revealed who the father is, but has already spilled the beans on his profession. Over a month ago, she revealed via a Tik Tok video that an NBA player was responsible for impregnating her. She also father revealed that the athlete was part of the Brooklyn Nets team which immediately pointed all fingers at Kevin Durant.

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But after he recently appearance on the Cool Kicks YouTube channel, the internet has changed their opinion on who the father might actually be.

Along with her came her eight month old son, who definitely looked like a Nets player but not KD. After the video was uploaded, it was an immediate hit with their audience but not for the usual reasons. Lana Rhoadesโ€™ son had everybody sounding off in the comments section and on other social media platforms because he had an absurd resemblance to Blake Griffin.

Currently with the Boston Celtics, Blake was apart of the Brooklyn Nets at the time of her pregnancy. But it could get worse for him as the mother revealed that the NBA player told her, โ€œGo f*ck yourself.โ€ This would be a bad look on the player as far as taking accountability.

Some fan took things a step further, and actually brought a pic to troll Blake from courtside.

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Griffin is already a father of two children that he had with his ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron. The latter accused the athlete of completely abandoning her and the children for supermodel Kendall Jenner. Now, he pays $258,000 in child support.

Blake needs to focus on basketball. 

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