The life of a Major League reliever is a pretty good one.  You get to watch and sometimes play baseball and you get to travel the country. 

If you’re lucky, like the Blue Jays bullpen, you sometimes get a little fan entertainment during the game.  On Friday night in Philadelphia, the Blue Jays bullpen overheard a couple breaking up.

After the game they thanked the couple for the entertainment and offered some free counseling, via John Axford

Dear couple that clearly broke up while standing near our bullpen in the 5th inning today,

Lovely entertainment for a few minutes, but we hope you’re ok. Feel free to come back tomorrow and discuss with us. We can provide the third party point of view!


The Jays bullpen!

Who wouldn’t sign up for this?  Sure there’s a lot of sitting and waiting, but there’s also a lot money to be made.