Blue Jays fan, Brendan Panikkar and his girlfriend Sarah Ranby, broke the news of Kendrys Morales’ trade to reliever Joe Biagini at a drugstore in Toronto.  Morales was traded on Wednesday night to the Oakland Athletics.

Panikker and his girlfriend were in Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto when he noticed the trade news on his phone.  Blue Jays reliever Joe Biagini overheard the conversation and asked him who was traded.

Via The Star:

“I’m like, ‘Sarah, the Jays just traded Kendrys,’” Panikkar said. “She’s like, ‘What? Are you serious?’ So I showed her. Then this guy was like, ‘Whoa, what happened? What’s the news? Who got traded?’ I didn’t look up, because I’m still looking at it to make sure that this report was legitimate … I go over, show the phone, look up and go, ‘Oh my god. Joe Biagini. What the hell.’”

It’s not every day that you run into a Major League Baseball player at the drugstore, let alone break trade news to them.  Too bad it will be this fan’s only highlight involving Blue Jays.

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