NBC Olympics analyst Bode Miller received backlash for suggesting that skier Anna Veith’s recent struggles could be due to the fact that she recently got married.

Miller offered up his opinion after his fellow NBC announcer pointed out that Veith was likely struggling due to a knee injury.  He agreed and went onto blame her husband with what is clearly a joke.

“The knee is certainly an issue. I want to point out, she also got married. It’s historically very challenging to race on World Cup with a family or after being married. You know, not to blame the spouses, but I just want to toss that out there that it might be her husband’s fault.”

Bode had to later release a statement apologizing, because nobody can take a joke and people took to social media to complain.

“Yea, I apologize. That was an ill-advised attempt at a joke. I was an athlete that competed after marriage and I know how beneficial it is. I know the support team you need. I relied on my friends and family. And if you have the luxury of relying on a spouse I know they are inevitably your biggest supporter. And on Valentine’s Day I didn’t mean to throw spouses under the bus. Certainly, I’m going to be hearing it from my wife, I know.”

Another social media success story.