Boise State University, which is already facing $10 million in losses because of a partial shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is furloughing many of its employees, including coaches and athletics staff.

Boise State president Marlene Tromp announced the furloughs in an email to staff on Monday night.

The university said 12-month employees earning more than $40,000 per year are required to take furloughs between May 3 and July 31. The highest-paid employees making more than $150,000 annually will have to take 10-day furloughs.

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Broncos football coach Bryan Harsin, who earns $1.65 million in base salary, will forfeit about $63,000. Most of his assistant coaches are also subject to the 10-day requirement, along with men’s basketball coach Leon Rice and women’s basketball coach Gordy Presnell.

Rice’s base salary for 2019 was $705,292, and Presnell’s was $242,128.

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